why to invest in turkey?

Local Expertise: TURESIF’s (Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund) investment committee has many years’ real estate investment experience whether buying, selling, or renting, in all categories of residential and commercial properties, as well as land investments. As a smart investor you will already be very experienced in the real estate sector and know that even a difference of just one street above/below may make a huge difference to your ROI. The same is true in Turkey, which is why it is wise to use the most experienced real estate professionals for your overseas business. TURESIF REIF is choosing the best residential/commercial properties and land, which are predicted to achieve the maximum profit, whether buying, selling or renting them.

Risk Free Real Estate Investment: TURESIF has a licence from Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu (SPK, Capital Markets Board Of Turkey https://www.cmb.gov.tr/ ). There are a very limited number of REIFs in Turkey and all are licensed from SPK. All REIFs’ operations have to be transparent and all operations must be certified by the Turkish Government.

Real Estate Valuation: All REIF’s in Turkey must have an official valuation for each property transaction. It is not permitted for a REIF to buy real estate above the official valuation of the property and similarly, they cannot sell any property below the official valuation.

Fund Bulk Purchase Power: TURESIF’s high Fund value has much better bargaining power than a single investor’s capital, resulting in more properties at lower prices, which can only lead to better results.

Profit Oriented: REIF managers are following the Real Estate Market in Turkey on a daily basis and are able to react quickly to developing economic situations.

Tax Free: The Turkish Goverment is wholly supportive of REIFs with tax free advantages for international corporate organisations. For private investors, who keep their investments in the fund for more than 2 years, all profits from REIF are tax free.

Easy Entrance & Exit: Entering a REIF is easy, without the need for an agent, lawyer or other organization. Quite simply – TURESIF will open your account and you invest to the fund.  Exiting the fund is also easy, and needs just 60 days notice before withdrawing your investment.  There are no additional costs, hassle or delays – unlike buying or selling a property.

No Entrance Costs: No entry costs, just open your account and transfer your money to the fund.

No Exit Costs: To exit requires just a 60 day notice letter to exit from TURESIF and withdraw your investment, with tax free profits after 2 years.

Daily Update: You can follow the progress of your REIF as updates are announced daily.

In Short, TURESIF is the best and smartest solution for Real Estate Investments in Turkey.


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