Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund

What is the Fund investment strategy?

The Fund aims to provide medium-to-long-term capital growth by investing into all kinds of real estate assets in Turkey.

How is the Fund unit value calculated and how to monitor it?

The Fund unit value is obtained through dividing the net asset value by the number of outstanding shares. The Fund price is announced on our web site daily. Besides, investors can monitor their participation shares through the CRA (Central Registry Agency) and also their own custody accounts.

How is the Fund Unit Price calculated and monitored?

The fund unit price, which forms the basis for the purchase and sale of shares, is calculated according to the principles of the issuance document and prospectus, including all the information that will enable investors to make an informed assessment regarding the characteristics of each fund and the associated rights and risks.

The following procedures are applied in calculations:

  • On the valuation day, the fund portfolio value is calculated by taking into account the price of the assets in the portfolio in the stock markets where they are traded.
  • If the assets in real estate and private equity investment funds make valuation, they are reflected in the fund portfolio value.
  • The total value of the fund is determined by adding the receivables of the fund to the fund portfolio value and deducting their debts.
  • The total value of the fund is divided by the number of shares in circulation on the valuation day, and the unit participation share price is reached.

During the above-mentioned transactions, the interest, dividends, trading earnings and daily value increases obtained from the assets in the portfolio of the fund, are recorded as income to the fund on the same day, therefore they are reflected in the unit fund price calculated for each day of participation shares. In this way, any investors who exit the fund on a certain date will have received his / her share of the earnings or losses of the fund until that day.

The unit participation share price is announced by the “founder” at the addresses where the shares are bought and sold every working day, and at TEFDP (Turkey Electronic Fund Distribution Platform). In the Fund Information Platform provided by the Istanbul Trading and Custody Bank Inc., investors can find lots of data and statistics regarding the funds.

How the Management Fee is Calculated?

The Fund management fee is the fee paid for the management of the fund. It is calculated for each day as a percentage of the total value of the fund. The sum of all expenses such as management fee, brokerage commissions, registration and advertisement expenses covered by the Fund, is included in the fund’s issue document or prospectus, not exceeding the rates specified in the Communiqué on Principles Regarding Investment Funds (Communiqué) numbered III-52.1. Information on fund management fees and entry-exit commissions are available on the fund founders’ websites. In addition, the website of the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) also contains information on the expense ratios of the funds.

How to buy and sell a fund?

Only qualified investors can invest in private equity investment funds and real estate investment funds.

In the purchase or return (exit) of the participation share to the fund, instructions are given by applying to the places to be announced by the founder in the prospectus and where the participation shares are traded.

Receiving fund consists of 5 steps:

Step 1: Opening a fund custody account on behalf of the qualified investor from the custodian specified in the fund’s issue document

Step 2: Signing the fund’s investor agreement with the Turesif Asset Management Company

Step 3: Depositing the amount of investment into the custody account

Step 4: Giving a fund purchase order to Turesif Asset Management Company

Step 5: Transferring the fund shares to the qualified investor’s bank account and daily price tracking


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