The Investment Fund is ideal for qualified investors who are looking for a simple real estate investment, without the complications of buying, selling, maintaining and renting real estate.

This fund aims to make investments in Turkey, specifically major cities such as Istanbul.
The objective of the fund is to invest in projects that are expected to increase in value, by creating a more diverse portfolio than individual investors can afford. In this way the Fund provides it’s investors the opportunity to make real estate investments at higher discounted prices.


The strategy of the fund is to offer investors an attractive ROI opportunity by making bulk purchases of unsold housing and offices with great discount from real estate projects.
This creates a ‘Win-Win’ situation for the contractors who are facing a financial burden and investors who finance the discounted price opportunity. The funds offer investors a high probability of return, while providing liquidity for contractors to ease their financial obligations.

The fund aims to be an instrument which is highly preferred by investors.

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