first time investing in turkey

Buying property, wherever you are in the world, is generally considered to be a very complicated process.  Buying a property is one of the most important investments we can make. Even if you are an expert investor, or someone who researches locations and properties intensively, the chances are you will only sometimes make very good, or mainly fair, investments.  For foreigners who wish to invest in Turkey, it is almost impossible to make better investments than locals. As a foreign investor, your first purchase in Turkey will most likely not hit the right investment target, plus you will almost certainly be paying higher prices than Turkish buyers!

Investing in real estate in Turkey with TURESIF (Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund) is probably the best and most secure way to maximise your investment.  There are several, specific reasons for this statement:

  • If you invest in TURESIF, either buying TURESIF Bonds or properties from TURESIF, you are making 100% secure investment compared to anything else in the market.
  • TURESIF’s team of dedicated consultants, knowledgeable sales partners, experienced solicitors, qualified accountants and diligent after sales department will ensure that all aspects of your real estate investment will be dealt with in the most professional way.
  • All Members of the Investment Committee of TURESIF have been officially certified by Government authorites. You can check all this legal certification in our website at
  • TURESIF invests in bulk buys and makes quite high profits, whether the investor is a local, or an international investor, buying a property from TURESIF.
  • All properties are sold with full valuation.

Whether you are investing $500,000 USD into the fund, or buying a property from the fund for $250,000 USD for Citizenship investment, after 3 years you can withdraw your investment, or we can buy your property back from you.

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