TURESIF is licensed by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey in 2018.

Capital Markets Board of Turkey

  1. Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is the regulatory and supervisory authority in charge of the securities markets in Turkey. Empowered by the Capital Markets Law (CML), which was enacted in 1981, the CMB has been making detailed regulations for organizing the markets and developing capital market instruments and institutions.
  2. Based on the main objectives of fair and orderly functioning of the markets and protecting the rights of investors, the CMB has a wide range of responsibilities. Depending upon the development stages of the markets and the state of the country’s economy, the list of priorities changes from time to time. However the major objective remains the same: to take the necessary measures for fostering the development of capital markets, and hence to contribute to the efficient allocation of financial resources in the country while ensuring investor protection.

Mission Statement

  1. To make innovative regulations, and perform supervision with the aim of ensuring fairness, efficiency and transparency in Turkish capital markets, and improving their international competitiveness.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Within the scope of its mission the CMB has established its main strategic objectives as to:

– enhance investor protection,

– adopt the norms of the international capital markets and fully integrate them into regulations,

– promote and enhance the effectiveness of both the supply and the demand side of the markets,

– promote transparency and fairness in the capital markets,

– facilitate modernisation of the market structure,

– enhance the infrastructure of the capital markets,

– enhance the quality of the work products and staff members of the Board.

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