Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund

Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund, in short Turesif, has a target to make profit from real estate appreciation and rental yield, to boost the fund value.

Turesif, Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund, promises to purchase, sell, and rent out commercial real estate, land, landed properties, residential units, offices, and any other real estates approved by the Committee.

The highly experienced Investment Committee structured by real estate, finance and investment professionals, is finding the best real estate deals as bulk or unit base for Turesif, to achieve a spectacular performance value.

Within the scope of this fund, foreign investors will be able to participate, as capital in kind with the real estate they already own in Turkey, and benefit from advantages such as operational management, tax advantages and reducing the regional risks of their real estate portfolio.

With the decree published on 19.09.2018 in the Turkish Official Gazette, the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors was updated. The legal framework for getting Turkish citizenship is now easier and more investor friendly, by way of investing at least $500,000 USD in real estate investment funds (REIF) or private equity investment funds (PEIF) and keeping the investment for 3 years.

For more detailed information regarding Turesif, Turkey Real Estate Investment Fund, please review the investor presentation, internal regulation issuance document, fund performance reports and independent audit reports.

Please contact us via info@turesif.com or by calling +90 533 435 81 80 to get more detailed information, or to join the fund.

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